The act of ritual within ceremony is a common thread that has linked humanity throughout the ages. Rituals are a way of connecting to each other, the wider community, and the universal force that surrounds us all. Through rituals we forge bonds, build relationships, mark important milestones, and seek a path to the sacred. In this workshop we will look at the history, mystery and meaning of some of the beautiful Celtic Rituals we use within our ceremonies, and how we can work with them in a way that honours the spiritual nature of these beautiful rituals.


The next ‘Art of Using Rituals in Ceremonies’ workshop will take place on:

Saturday 8th June
10am – 3pm
Doune, Stirlingshire


In the workshop, we will cover the rituals of:

Oathing Stone
Clootie Blessing 
Jumping the Broom/ Besom

As well as exploring the symbology of each ritual, we will spend time practising using the different rituals, but with an emphasis on being “in the moment” rather than reading from a script. This is a great opportunity to practice how to tie different Handfasting cords/ribbons, how to work with a Quaich, how to use the beautiful Oathing Stone, how to incorporate a Clootie Blessing and how and when to jump the broom!

What is a Handfasting?


baby Naming ceremony

Workshop Fee: £65 (includes Tea, Coffee & Lunch)

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