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Celebrant Training Scotland is a community of dedicated and passionate Celebrants made right here in Scotland. All the Celebrants who appear on this page have undergone an intensive 4 or 5 Day training course in either Couple & Family Celebrancy and/or Funeral Celebrancy with Celebrant Training Scotland. Following the training, the Celebrants are provided with ongoing support and are encouraged to continue to grow & develop their skills by participating in a number of  Continous Professional Development workshops & sessions throughout the year.


Agnostic Scotland

Soulful Celebrant

I offer couples and families a myriad of ceremonies and rituals including Weddings, Funerals, Memorials, Vow Renewals, Naming Ceremonies, Blessingway, Family Blending Ceremonies and so much more.vMy Celebrancy practice supports your right to acknowledge and create ceremony and ritual for birth, marriage, death, indeed for any rite of passage or transformative moment in life. Let’s work together to weave strands of stories, discover enduring threads and ensure your meaningful event is underpinned by a beautiful, soulful ceremony.  


Wedding Celebrant Scotland

Anam Cara Ceremonies

Anam Cara is Gaelic for ‘soul friend’ and within the ancient Celtic traditions of Anam Cara, life is acknowledged as part of a continuous circle connecting with self and loved ones within a community of family and friends. 

I believe this sums up beautifully every celebration and ceremony in life, whether it is a small celebration to acknowledge something for self or a larger celebration with your family and friends. Your ceremony marks a moment in time that honours the path to where you are in your celebration and creates the foundations for the future.

Whether it is a Wedding, Vow Renewal, Naming ceremony or Funeral each celebration or ceremony is unique to you, just as your community of friends and family are, therefore choosing the right way to honour the occasion, is immensely meaningful and powerful for self and those who participate.

While ceremony gives a framework and definition to your celebration there are so many rituals that can be included to give it structure and meaning.  As an Independent Celebrant, I will work closely with you to find the feeling and expression that fits perfectly with your story and occasion, according to your beliefs and values.

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