4 Day CTS Certificate in Funeral Celebrancy | 2020

4 Day CTS Certificate in Funeral Celebrancy

Celebrant Training Scotland


Are you considering a career in Funeral Celebrancy? Are you looking for a quality training course that will teach you everything you need to know about being a Funeral Celebrant in the UK?

The CTS (Celebrant Training Scotland) Certificate in Funeral Celebrancy will provide all the teachings, tools and techniques required to be a Celebrant. This is an intensive 4-Day Classroom based course that is designed to walk students through all the aspects of Funeral Celebrancy in the UK.




4-Day CTS Certificate in Funeral Celebrancy 
Fee = £795 (maximum 6 students)

2nd – 5th March 2020


TBD (Stirling)

Course Tutor: Lindy Irving


For a list of accommodation near to the venue, please click here.


Topics Covered on the 4 Day Certificate in Funeral Celebrancy:

Day 1 – Building the Foundations

The Best Job in the World! A look at being a Funeral Celebrant in 2019.
Overview of Funeral Celebrancy in the UK
Structure of a Funeral Service
Different Types of Funeral Services: Cremation/ Burial/ Memorial/ Direct Cremations/ Two-part Services/ Double Slot Services
Memorial & Remembrance Services
Readings and Poetry
Working with Music
Sending Scripts
Emotional and spiritual intelligence skills
Venues – Crematoriums, Graveside, Hotels, Community Halls, Home.
When things go wrong (and they will!)
Using Technology – Music/ Photo Slideshows/
Holding a Space
Religion/ Spirituality/ Humanism
CTS Best Practice
Funeral Service Example 1


Day 2 – Working with Families

The Family Visit
Interpersonal Communication – Questioning & Listening Skills
Building Rapport – Emotional Intelligence
Script Writing
How to Write a Personal & Life-Centered Eulogy
How to Create a Service that Reflects the Family’s Values, Wishes and Beliefs
Babies, Young Deaths and Suicide
Working with Difficult Families
Funeral Service Example 2


Day 3 – Writing & Delivering

Symbolism and Ritual in Ceremony
Professional Speaking Skills – 
Stepping Away from the Lectern
How to Make Each Ceremony Personal & Meaningful
The Power of Storytelling
Time Management Skills
Finding & Developing Your Style
Funeral Service Example 3
Afternoon: Student Practice


Day 4 – Business Skills

Running a Funeral Celebrancy Business
Marketing & Advertising
Tax and NI
Public Liability Insurance
Disclosure Certificates
Pricing your Ceremonies
Approaching and working with Funeral Directors
Appearance & Branding
Importance of Good Communication in Business
Funeral Director Q&A (your chance to ask a local Funeral Director any questions you might have (subject to availability)
Creating a Business Plan for the Future
Disclosure/ Insurance/ Supervision/Professional Memberships/ CPD
Celebrant Self-Care
Networking & Support
Future CPD (students are entitled to 50% off CPD Workshops)
Next Steps

Following the course, you will be offered a 1 Day Shadowing opportunity (conditions apply)

Students can also have a listing on the ‘Find a Celebrant’ page of the CTS website.

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What Do I need to Join the Course?

While there are no formal qualifications required to be a Celebrant in the UK, there are a number of important attributes that are desired:

  • A willingness to learn

  • Good listening skills

  • Empathy

  • Good communication skills

  • Non-judgemental attitude

  • Good writing skills

  • Excellent organisational skills

  • A good speaking voice

  • Smart appearance

  • A genuine interest in people

  • Ability to use a computer and email

  • Good interview skills


4-Day CPS Certificate in Funeral Celebrancy Fee = £795

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The course is held in Stirling town centre and runs from 9am (sharp) until 5.30pm with breaks for lunch and dinner. Tea & Coffee is included in the course fee, and there are numerous cafes & restaurants nearby where you can enjoy lunch.


Q & A

1. Is the training accredited?
The training is not accredited. However, there is no current requirement for Wedding & Family Celebrants to be accredited. 

2. Do I need any qualifications to become a student on the course?
There are no formal qualifications needed, but there are a number of personal qualities that are desired. See these listed above.

3. Is Travel & Accommodation provided on the course?
Travel & Accommodation in not provided in the course fee.

4. Are Training Materials provided?
Yes, you will be provided with a Course Workbook and all session notes.

5. Can I record the course sessions?
Audio & Video Recording are not permitted.

6. Will there be any pre-course work?
Yes! There will be a number of pre-course Skype sessions to begin looking at some of the course material. These are planned for September 2019.

7. Will there be any ongoing support for Celebrants?
Yes, as well as online resources and regular CPD Sessions, students can email or phone for any advice related to their training.

More Questions?

Give me a call on 07845 053 509 or 07800 950 647 or email hello@celebranttrainingscotland.co.uk

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